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I’m Mark. I was born in Africa - and I’ve lived most of my life in (and about) Africa. I’m passionate about blogging. I’m passionate about Africa. I’m passionate about Africa’s people. I’m passionate about empowering Africa through blogging. I started Start Blogging | Africa because I want to motivate and encourage Africa to start blogging and, in the process, contribute to unlocking the infinite opportunity of Africa.

I’ve put together Africa’s best blogging guides and tips (including country specific guides for Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa) to help fellow Africans (and other people who are also passionate about Africa) to:

  • Start a blog in (or about) Africa
  • Get blogging
  • Build a successful blog
  • Increase blog traffic
  • Make money blogging in (or about) Africa
  • And, ultimately, to empower Africa (and her people) through blogging

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Start Blogging | Africa’s blogging guides and tips are uniquely African - focused and customised for Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa (specifically) and the rest of Africa (in general).

Mark and Start Blogging | Africa

I started my first website / blog in 2006. Back then, forums were all the rage and blogging was only just beginning to emerge as a trendy and creative way to connect on a deeper level with an audience - for both personal and business objectives. Blogging “best practice” was still being written for the first time. Blogging platforms, like WordPress and Joomla, were fledgling technology startups. WordPress was still competing to establish itself over the competition as the flagship blogging content management system. Africa’s access to the internet was simply … inadequate. There were so many challenges to navigate - a lack of blogging “best practice” knowledge, blogging platform technology limitations and Africa’s incomplete and unreliable technology infrastructure. All the same, despite the challenges, the future seemed to hold so much promise and possibility. Overcoming the challenges presented opportunity - the opportunity was inherent in overcoming the challenges. It was an exciting time to be learning about blogs and blogging.

Let me share an obvious (but not well appreciated) secret. Today, in 2019, these are still exciting times - even more so for Africa! Africa, in 2019, still echoes with promise and possibility. Empowering Africa through blogging is an obvious opportunity.

Through Start Blogging | Africa, I intend to promote the opportunity of Africa and inspire Africa to start blogging.

Start Blogging | Africa is my motivational website to encourage you to play your part in building a better Africa for all - unlocking the infinite opportunity of Africa. Blogging is rewarding - in terms of personal development, communicating knowledge and ideas, connecting with like minded people, advancing advocacy objectives and financially. You can contribute constructively to a better Africa, a better world - and you can make money in the process.

Through Start Blogging | Africa, I’m sharing my knowledge and experiences from starting and building successful websites and blogs. I’ll show you how to start a blog in under 30 minutes - even if you’ve got absolutely no blogging experience and aren’t a “technical” person. Once you’ve started your blog, I’ll show you how to build a successful blog, increase blog traffic and make money blogging. 30 minutes to start a blog - that’s a really good investment of your time into an opportunity that has the potential to unlock your financial freedom and enable you to live your lifestyle by design in any country in the world.

Africa needs her story to be told. Africa needs bloggers. Africa needs her people to be empowered. Africa needs blogs. For aspiring African bloggers - now is the right time to join Africa’s blogging revolution.

Dream big, articulate your dreams, aspire towards your dreams, start small and scale fast - start your blog today and own your tomorrow!

Dreams should also be based on a reliable foundation. Speaking about reliable, I recommend Bluehost as a blog hosting service provider. Bluehost is affordable, reliable and scalable.


Empowering Africa Through Blogging

I love Africa. Start Blogging Africa is written in Africa and for Africa.

Start Blogging | Africa isn’t an advocacy website, but I’d be missing an important opportunity (and remiss in a moral obligation to articulate my convictions) if I didn’t use this website to communicate my firm view that being “African” isn’t about where you’re born or the colour of your skin. “African” is about identity and attitude. Constructive attitude. Being African is about embracing ubuntu.

Ubuntu means:

  • I am because we are
  • Humanity towards others

Ubuntu is a belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. Blogging, by its inherent nature, resonates with ubuntu!

I firmly believe that Africa belongs to all who live within her borders, and all who consider her to be home, regardless of race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language or birth. There is a place in Africa for everyone - and we all need to be tolerant and respectful of the views of others (within reason), including those views that might differ from our own. I stand for these values - and Start Blogging | Africa stands for these values!

In a continent with governance issues, blogging also gives Africa a voice for advocacy purposes.

In a continent with so much rich and diverse culture to share, blogging can communicate Africa’s beauty and creativity to other communities, within Africa and internationally.

Africa is beautiful, bold, diverse, raw and vibrant. Africa is culturally rich, her history is complicated, her present is equivocally both optimistic and pessimistic - and her future holds infinity opportunity and yet to be imagined prospects that simply need to be unlocked. Africa has a largely untold story that the world needs (and wants) to hear. But, Africa (and her people) aren’t sufficiently empowered.

Let’s empower Africa through blogging.

Join Africa’s Blogging Revolution

Starting with Africa’s Best Guide to Start a Blog in 2019, I’m here to motivate and encourage you to dream big, articulate your dreams, aspire towards your dreams and, ultimately, achieve your dreams through starting (and owning!) a blog, writing to speak truth to power and, in the process, contributing towards a better (and inclusive) Africa of tomorrow.

Are you ready to join Africa’s blogging revolution?

I’ve lived (and travelled) across Africa. Africa has something for everyone. Africa has a story to tell. That’s what blogging is for. Blog it! Blog your story. Make your blog uniquely African. Africa needs to speak as a unified continent, but her diversity is obvious to those that have taken the time to travel from South to North and from East to West. I recognise that Africa is a continent (not, as some would believe, a country). Different countries in Africa have different opportunities and challenges. I recognise that. I’ve created a uniquely African set of guides to look at Africa, as a whole, but I’m also (as a work in progress) writing blogging guides for specific African countries.

I’ll show you how you can achieve your dreams and unlock the opportunity of Africa through owning a blog and writing (i.e. writing to “speak truth to power”).

Africa, start blogging - join Africa’s blogging revolution. I will motivate and encourage you to unlock the opportunity of Africa

If you’re already motivated, Africa’s Best Guide to Start a Blog in 2019 will show you, step-by-step how to start a blog in under 30 minutes.

Guys, if you find my advice useful, please consider leaving a comment or sharing my articles with your friends or on social media. I really would appreciate your help spreading the message and unlocking Africa’s opportunity through blogging.