Step 1: Plan Your Blog

There is a beautiful African proverb:

”For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”

What do you plan to do with your blog? At inception, your blog is a blank canvas for you to colour with wild and wonderful ideas. The best blogs will (naturally) grow organically, but - they are still guided by the themes that inspire their authors.

Start Blogging | Africa will guide you through the process of getting your blog online. What we can’t do is search within you for the message that you want (or need) to tell the world. You need to find your own voice. Step 1 is to make a conscious decision about what you want to convey.

Honestly, you can blog about anything and everything. You can, but then you’re unlikely to stand out. The best writers blog from the heart. Their posts echo their views. The best blogs focus on a niche. As an African blogger (or supporter of Africa), doesn’t she (Africa) seem like a less travelled path?


African Blog Themes

African themed blogs will probably fall into one (or more) of the following categories:

  1. Blogs for Africa (developing Africa)
  2. Blogs about Africa (sharing Africa’s story)
  3. Blogs out of Africa (sharing Africa’s knowledge)
  4. Local African community blogs


African Topics to Blog About

What about an Africa focused blogosphere for:

  • Travels in Africa (travel blogging)
  • African wildlife
  • Car blogs (same cars, different roads and different challenges)
  • African cinema and entertainment
  • Personal blogs (adventure in Africa, a day in the life of [you] in Africa, etc.)
  • Business blogs (growing African businesses)
  • Political blogs (because Africa needs robust discussion and discourse around our futures)
  • Finance blogs (Africa has different financial products and challenges - if you aren’t from Africa, then you probably don’t know about exchange control, mobile money and the informal market)
  • Sports blogs (because Africa loves sport, especially football or soccer)
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) blogs (and Africa is replete with entrepreneurs)
  • Food blogs (because nothing is as good as African cuisine)
  • Music blogs

Know what your blog seeks to achieve, and be true to that purposes. From my perspective, focus on the best of Africa. It’s your competitive advantage. In 2019, the world is blogging - Africa is only starting. A focus on Africa is still unique.