Join Africa's Blogging Revolution

The combination of Africa and blogging is aspirational. However, it’s also a great opportunity for Africans to benefit from the global market. Through blogging, Africa can introduce ideas, concepts, products and services to new markets. Technology has connected Africa. Africa is now at the beginning of a blogging revolution. Those that get started now are likely to be the “big players” of the future.

The Infinite Opportunity of Africa

Africa - population 1,2 million, increasing percentage of internet users and emerging African “tech hubs”. Africa’s blogging revolution is in motion.

Africa is classified as an emerging market. Emerging markets offer the largest opportunity to accelerate growth and sustain broader global economic prosperity. In much of Africa, the current opportunity (from an international view) is to improve infrastructure and enhancing agriculture - hopefully, creating jobs for young people in the process.

In the financial crisis, emerging markets provided more than half the world’s economic growth

Africa’s young people are the largest percentage in the world. This also gives rise to a demographic divide. Think - generation gap and generation theory.

Africa also has a problem where young people are not gainfully employed. Rethink the business (and other) opportunities of Africa. Shift from resources to technology and basic services as a long term sustainable strategy.

Africa is rising. As a continent, Africa holds so much opportunity. Africa has beautiful scenery, amazing people, unique stories - and the 4th industrial revolution finally gives Africa an opportunity to catch up with (and, possibly, leap ahead of) the rest of the world. It’s an exciting time to be an African (or living in Africa). Blogging is a complimentary opportunity. Blogs give Africa a voice, and a chance to bring a unique perspective to the rest of the world.

Africa’s Blogging Revolution

Here are the reasons why Africa’s should be starting blogs (and blogging):

  1. To express thoughts, opinions and ideas
  2. To market or promote something
  3. To help people
  4. To establish credibility
  5. To connect with people
  6. To make a difference
  7. To make money
  8. Creativity

Take fashion and governance as a reference.

Fashion in Africa - Africa has a growing and vibrant fashion industry - and it’s unique. Africa doesn’t mimic the world in fashion. African fashion is visionary - and should be leading.

As for governance, Africa is developing - but it’s still a long way off where it need to be. Blogging, especially using an international blog host, gives Africans a voice for advocacy.

Over the past decade, whilst the discussion about “Africa Rising” has been echoing outwards (almost as a hollow message), Africa has become increasingly connected to the world. Likewise, the world has become increasingly connected to Africa. There is also an emerging middle class throughout Africa

If you want to be a leader in your market - now is the time to make your voice heard. Now is the time to get your ideas out there. Now is the time to start your blog - and be at the front of Africa’s blogging revolution.

”Prepare now for the solutions of tomorrow”

(Congolese Proverb)

Starting with Africa’s Best Guide to Start a Blog in 2019, I’m here to motivate and encourage you to dream big, articulate your dreams, aspire towards your dreams and, ultimately, achieve your dreams through starting (and owning!) a blog, writing to speak truth to power and, in the process, contributing towards a better (and inclusive) Africa of tomorrow.

Are you ready to join Africa’s blogging revolution?

Through my website, I intend to promote the opportunity of Africa and inspire Africa to start blogging. Start Blogging | Africa provides (arguably) the best guides and tips to:

  1. Start a blog in (or about) Africa - specifically including Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa and rest of Africa in general.
  2. Get Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and the rest of Africa blogging.
  3. Build a successful blog.
  4. Increase blog traffic.
  5. Make money blogging in (or about) Africa.

Africa is a Continent, Not a Country

I’ve lived (and travelled) across Africa. Africa has something for everyone. Africa has a story to tell. That’s what blogging is for. Blog it! Blog your story. Make your blog uniquely African. I’ve lived (and travelled) across Africa. Africa needs to speak as a unified continent, but her diversity is obvious to those that have taken the time to travel from South to North and from East to West. I recognise that Africa is a continent (not, as some would believe, a country). Different countries in Africa have different opportunities and challenges. I recognise that. I’ve created a uniquely African set of guides to look at Africa, as a whole, but I’m also (as a work in progress) writing blogging guides for specific African countries.

Connecting Africa to the World … and the World to Africa

Africa is finally (and increasingly) “online” in 2019. The technology (WordPress) powering blogs has evolved. WordPress is freely available for Africa to leverage. Africa is connected to the world … and the world is connected to Africa. Africa should harness this opportunity. To do so, Africa needs to embrace blogging. Blogging is a powerful way to share stories and experiences, and very few places have a wealth of information to share with the world. Also, blogging isn’t just a one way street for Africa. It’s a gateway to the opportunity of the world. Blogging and the internet give Africa a voice. Blogging and the internet give Africa access to global markets. Use them. Leverage them. Benefit from them.

I’ll show you how you can achieve your dreams and unlock the opportunity of Africa through owning a blog and writing (i.e. writing to “speak truth to power”).

Join Africa’s Blogging Revolution

Through blogging, but especially by owning your own blog, you can promote your ideas and or business and connect with an engaged audience, both locally, regionally, within Africa and internationally.

“He who does not seize opportunity today, will be unable to seize tomorrow’s opportunity.”

(Somali Proverb)

Start now. Start here. Start blogging Africa! I’m going to show you how. Africa, get blogging - join Africa’s blogging revolution. I will motivate and encourage you to unlock the opportunity of Africa

If you want to be a leader in your market - now is the time to make your voice heard. Now is the time to get your ideas out there. Now is the time to start your blog - and be at the front of Africa’s blogging revolution.

However, you need to own your future. You need to own your own blog.

“You have little power over what’s not yours.”

(Zimbabwean proverb)

If you’re already motivated, Africa’s Best Guide to Start a Blog in 2019 will show you, step-by-step how to start a blog in under 30 minutes.

If you find my advice useful, please consider leaving a comment or sharing my articles with your friends or on social media. I really would appreciate your help spreading the message and unlocking Africa’s opportunity through blogging.