Top Tips for Ghanaians to Build a Successful Blog in 2020

Blogging is a beautiful art, but evolving your aspirations into a successful blog is a science.

A lot has changed since 1995 when Ghana first got full internet connectivity. Internet usage has increased from an approximate 30,000 users in 2000 to an estimated 11,7 million internet users at of 2019. That’s phenomenal growth - and phenomenal opportunity. However, with growth comes competition. That’s a good thing. Ghana now has variety. To have a successful blog, you need to respect your audience and stand out. These are Start Blogging | Africa’s top tips for Ghanaians to build a successful blog in 2019.

Ghana’s Top Blogging Tips: Build a Successful Blog in 2020

  1. Own your blog!
  2. Language - stick with English
  3. Find YOUR niche - and there is so much about Ghana to focus on
  4. Be sincere, transparent and honest when you blog
  5. Blog with conviction - and you should be comfortable with your subject matter
  6. Your blog should reflect your personal brand identity
  7. Write original and high quality blog content first and foremost
  8. Stand out!
  9. Passion first, money second - but be focused
  10. Understand, appreciate and value your blog’s audience
  11. In the long run, successful blogging is technical - but start with a solid foundation (the blogging basics)
  12. Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right domain name
  13. Stay relevant
  14. Review, revise … and repeat

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Top Tips for Ghanaian to Build a Successful Blog

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First, own your own blog! There are many blogging websites out there that offer “free” accounts. If the website isn’t selling a product - then you’re the product. Your content is their product. Also, then you don’t own your own destiny. If you want to build a successful blog, then you need to be in control of its destiny. You want to own the content. You want to own the blog.


I want to start with the choice of language - in other words, what language will be used in your blog for communicating. There are conflicting views. On the one hand, there is a really good argument to be made for being Proudly Africa, Proudly Ghanaian. On the other hand, consider your potential audience - your choice of language has a significant impact on whether or not you’ll connect with your intended audience.

Ghana is a multilingual country. There are about 80 spoken languages! Government sponsored languages include Akan, Ewe, Dagbani, Dangme, Dagaare, Ga, Nzema, Kasem and Gonja. Akan is the most widely spoken indigenous language. However, English is the most widely spoken language.

My recommendation - use English (with select sentences in your local language as and when the situation makes sense). An estimated 1,5 billion people speak English. I cannot stress this enough - if you don’t use a “universal” language like English, then you have already limited the future growth of your blog.

Have a look at our article on How to Start a Blog in Ghana (2019).

Second, be authentic and embrace what makes Ghana (and Ghanaians) different. The world doesn’t need yet another blog about yet another topic that everyone is blogging about. If you want to build a successful blog, then blog about what you know best - Ghana.

Third, recognise that it will take time to build a loyal and appreciative audience. Be patient and keep at it. Also, avoid “quick fix” solutions. Offers to send quick traffic to your new site may well get your site blacklisted for unethical internet practices. Rather focus on quality and quantity of your content, then on appropriate marketing strategies - and the traffic will grow organically.

And, importantly, know what your blog is about. Don’t try to be all things to all people. Focus on your market - and be the best. Start Blogging | Africa aims to be Africa’s best resource for blogging, but - more particularly - blogging in, for and about … Africa. We are more focused and spend more time on our niche subject matter. Find your own niche.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Travel in Ghana (with local knowledge)
  2. Doing business in Ghana (and, from experience, it taken Ghana specific understandings)
  3. Local cuisine - who knows Ghanaian food better than the people who live in Ghana!

So, where do you start? Start by getting a blog host.



Ghana - Start Your Blog as a Side Hustle

Starting a blog is the ultimate side hustle for Ghanaian bloggers. Seriously! Empowering Ghanaians through blogging implies, as is implicit throughout this website, that Ghanain bloggers should be starting their own blogs - to own the financial upside to the blog. However, don’t quit your normal job to start a blog until your blog is making money - and a well planned and considered blog has the potential to make lots of money.


Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog, and not being shy about it, is one of the most valuable tips I can give to you. Ghana - tell people about your blog and encourage them to engage with it.

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