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How to Start a Blog in Mauritius in 2020

Mauritius - blogs and blogging - how to start a blog in 2020.

How to Start a Blog in Mauritius in 2020 is a guide for aspiring Mauritian bloggers (you!) to start a blog. Step-by-step instructions - 6 easy to follow steps - are provided to help you start a blog in under 30 minutes and set yourself up for success. Uniquely for Mauritian bloggers. You don’t need any prior blogging knowledge or experience to successfully start a blog in (or about) Mauritius with this guide.

The 6 steps will educate you on how to plan your blog, set up your blog (WordPress and DreamHost), configure and customise your blog, publish your blog content, promote your blog and review your blog and content.

Be uniquely Mauritian. Promote Mauritius. Make Mauritius your blogging competitive advantage.