Top Tips for Nigerian Bloggers to Build a Successful Blog (2021)

Nigeria’s Top Blogging Tips: Build a Successful Blog in 2020

  1. Own your blog!
  2. Find YOUR niche - and there is so much about Nigeria to focus on
  3. Be sincere, transparent and honest when you blog
  4. Blog with conviction
  5. Your blog should reflect your personal brand identity
  6. Write original and high quality blog content first and foremost
  7. Stand out!
  8. Passion first, money second - but be focused
  9. Understand, appreciate and value your blog’s audience
  10. In the long run, successful blogging is technical - but start with a solid foundation (the blogging basics)
  11. Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right domain name
  12. Stay relevant
  13. Review, revise … and repeat

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Top Tips for Nigerians to Build a Successful Blog

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Nigeria - Start Your Blog as a Side Hustle

A blog is the ultimate side hustle for Nigerians. You can start a business blog on the side for (relatively) little expenditure, but have huge financial opportunity.

But, start your blog as a side hustle first so that you can learn (and make mistakes) before you’re reliant on income from your blog.

Start your blog as a side hustle. Grow it on the side.


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