South Africa’s Best Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2021

How to Start a Blog and Make Money in South Africa

Why You Should Start a Uniquely South African Blog

Making Money Blogging

South Africa - Own Your Blog!

Steps to Start a Uniquely South African Blog

  1. Decide on the Niche Topic That You Will Be Blogging About
  2. Consider the Written Language That You Will Use to Communicate With Your Audience (English)
  3. Find and Secure an Appropriate Domain (a .com Domain is Premium and Preferred)
  4. Choose a “Fit for Purpose” Blogging Platform (WordPress)
  5. Acquire an Account With an Affordable, Reliable and Scalable Blog Hosting Service Provider (DreamHost)
  6. Install WordPress on Your DreamHost Account
  7. Configure and Customise Your WordPress Blog
  8. Tell Your Audience About Yourself (About)
  9. Write and Publish Your First Blog Post
  10. Routinely Write and Publishing Quality Content

Increase Blog Traffic

Make Money Blogging

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In The Beginning - Start Your Blog as a Side Hustle

Starting a blog is an epic side hustle to have. It’s a low cost (i.e. low expenses - relatively speaking) business opportunity with big upside. I would know. If you get it right (which you can!), you can be making significant money each month from your blog.

But, and it’s a big “but”, don’t quit your job until you’re making money from your blog. Jobs are scarce in South Africa. If you have one, keep it whilst you learn the ropes. Only quit your job when you have sufficient sustainable income to substitute your current salary.

And if you’re currently between jobs - what are you waiting for? Start your blog today.


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